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Salerno diary: "Working in a team is a great strength"

Each transnational meeting has been even better than the one before… I kept feeling amazed about it.

I don’t know why, but I think it’s due to the rising “team spirit” or probably I should rather say “crew spirit” in our case, but also thanks to the growing confidence in the project and between the partner cities and the more relaxed way I can handle this project so new for me and my city.

I discovered and had proof that working in a team is a great strength, it is easier, much more interesting and even exciting! But above all, it pushes you to go in new directions and to try new experiences without fear, because we are encouraged by the others´ support.

We faced a task as a game. We enjoyed the time and, finally, we discovered that we had won, whilst we were just focusing on having fun … I don’t know if it’s clear what I mean ….

I discovered that difficult things, in no time, can become so easy and funny only by sharing … and I would like the entire world to feel this sensation …and I cannot wait to come back to my city and help people to live this experience in their daily lives!

Sara Petrone, project coordinator BluAct Salerno, Italy

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