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Salerno: A successful DEMO DAY

After the five very successful workshops we had organized in autumn and winter 2019 in close co-operation with our ULG partners, we were looking very forward to our final DemoDay.

It was a great experience with very enthusiastic students participating in the event, despite the necessity to postpone it to June and to hold it on "Teams" due to the sanitary emergency.

Our ULG partner the University of Salerno in close cooperation with our 2nd level stakeholder the Nautical Institute of Salerno did a great job.

We had 66 online participants attending the virtual event in their respective functions and 18 project teams presenting their pitch.

The award ceremony included a total of ten awards:

1) SviProCup 2020 "Junior"

  Best project presented by the Nautical Institute.

Winner: "Nettezza Marina"

2) SviProCup 2020 "Tech" Best prototype.     Winner: "ProSplit"

3) SviProCup 2020 "Biz" Idea closest to market launch.     Winner: "TrashFender"

4) SviProCup 2020 "Com"   Best communication. Winner: "BLUE"

5) SviProCup 2020 "Green"   Most ecological project. Winner: "ProSplit"

6) SviProCup 2020 "Special award - Incubation offered by SellaLab"   Winner: "SWeep"

7) SviProCup 2020  "Special award - Incubation offered by ManagerItalia"

  Winner: "BLUE"

8) SviProCup 2020  "Special award - Incubation offered by Palazzo Innovazione"

  Winner: "SWeep"

9) SviProCup 2020  "Special award - Incubation offered by The Green Hub"    Winner: "Sea4All"

10) SviProCup 2020 "Overall award - Participation in final presentation event in Piraeus" Winner: "SweeP"

Salerno BluAct Team

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