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PinkTech: Matosinhos Transfer Diary

The PinkTech, one of the three selected projects, is a project in order to enhance fish nourishment. The nourishment is produced using a pink bacterium, Planctomycete, that can be directly fed to the fishes, but can also feed it to other organisms like daphnia, a standard organism in aquatic ecology. The project understood that after some time being fed by the planctomycete, daphnia organisms would incorporate the pink color and pass it to the offspring, increasing productivity and lowering mortality on organisms fed by the pink planctomycete. Nourishment with planctomycetes enhanced daphnia demonstrates benefic characteristics, such as, nutritious reserves, food diversity, that can be fed to fishes. The project aim is to create a product with the bacteria, producing large scale pellets or even daphnia in order to feed fishes in aquariums, and in aquaculture.

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