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BluAct tour de France!

BluAct travels to Boulogne-sur-mer and Paris, France

21 MARCH 2022

The Bluact URBACT 2nd wave network travels to Boulogne-sur-Mer France for the 3rd Transnational meeting of the network. The Partners from Piraeus Greece, Gdansk Poland and Koper Slovenia are arriving and preparing for the workshops. Next stop: Paris, 23+24+25 March for the meeting with the rest of the #URBACT 2nd wave networks!

22 MARCH 2022

The BluAct partners meet in real life for first time in order to have their 3rd TNM.

A huge thanks to Stamatia Giasirani, former project manager of the Piraeus BlueGrowth initiative, that connected online and gave us extremely valuable insights about the history of the Blue Economy Competitions that took place in Piraeus since 2014. A great start for the URBACT's BluAct transnational meeting in Boulogne, France.

Next session: Hackathon Masterclass Structure in Boulogne-sur-Mer by BDCO and Nausicaa. Exchange of knowledge between the European port cities that have already organised a Blue Economy entrepreneurship competition.

Christophe Sirugue, General Director of Nausicaa welcomes the BluAct network and URBACT to their premises. "Partnerships around Blue Economy is very important for a city based on the sea like Boulogne sur mer".

The ULG meeting of Boulogne sur mer took place, with the participation of valuable stakeholders of the city. The non-french-speekers visitors of BluAct are joining the conversation with the use of technology and parallel translation! Nous sommes bleus!

Jim Sims, Lead Expert of the Bluact network, delivers a participatory workshop on "Clusters, networking and members engagement". An important asset for every city's URBACT Local Group.

And the most sustainable way to move around venues? Cycling! A very well organized guided bike tour to the Port of Boulogne sur mer, with interesting info about the history and the ongoing situation of the Port that is vital for the city's life.

A very interesting workshop on the role of Incubators in the city.

23 MARCH 2022

The 2nd day of the BluAct transnational meeting. The Blue Living Lab of Nausicaá opened its gates to host the URBACT knowledge transfer network partners from various port-cities around Europe!

The war in Ukraine also affects the BluAct people! Our partners from Gdansk Poland are explaining all the difficulties that have arrise.

"The whole ULG community is helping in humanitarian aid or refugees relief organisations, so a reset is needed for our work"

A guided tour to the Europe's biggest aquarium tank, filled in with treated seawater. Nausicaá: A huge asset for the city's Blue Economy.

The Nausicaa Centre is not only a tourist (and locals) attraction! It is also a research Centre on sea based innovation. Coperfish project representatives from the University of Lille are describing their research to the BluAct team.

Incubators! The key asset in the conversation about the Blue Economy competitions! The experience from Piraeus, Gdansk, Koper and Boulogne is more than valuable for each other!

24 MARCH 2022

BluAct partners travel to Paris to meet with the rest of the URBACT networks, exchange experience and concerns, and learn more about the URBACT method into bringing sustainable development to their areas!

URBACT workshop on Funding & Resourcing, giving the Transfer Networks the tools to seek for opportunities and methods to become Better Cities.

"Communication for Impact" workshop

25 MARCH 2022

The second day of the URBACT meeting starts with a wonderful (and crafty...) participatory workshop on meeting the Transfer Networks. Very interesting to learn from the other URBACT networks about their history, challenges, and vision towards a sustainable future.

Mid-term review for the Transfer Networks of URBACT is a collective reflection of each city's work.

At last! The BluAct URBACT 2nd wave team meets in real life! Now we will continue stronger, with better ideas, tools and methods to make our cities Blue! To make them #BetterCities!

All the photos and videos from this week's events are available at:
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