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An URBACT network that is
Starting Up the Blue Economy

1st wave

The BluAct transfer network is an urban action initiative that intends to support an improvement and transfer of good practices in the field of Blue Growth innovation and entrepreneurship as implemented by the City of Piraeus. Partner cities include Piraeus (GR), Mataro (ES), Ostend (BE), Galati (RO), Matosinhos (PT), Burgas (BG) and Salerno (IT).  

Engaging key stakeholders in each city to form a Urbact Local Support Group that can support the design and implementation of the urban action.


2nd wave

The BluAct 2nd Wave Network aims to inspire the 3 new partner cities in the Second Wave of the Network to learn from the experience of Piraeus and hold entrepreneurship competitions to support local businesses in the blue economy.


Through the approach of setting up local URBACT Support Groups and engaging local stakeholders to support them to organise such a competition, the ultimate goal of the BluAct Network is to stimulate the growth of the blue economy in European cities.

The Documentary

The Documentary

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